Building a new home, though exciting, can be a daunting task. Through the abundant decisions to make, one crucial question needs to be answered before you can explore any other details: what style of home do you want? At Dynamic Homes, we offer 6 different residential styles with variations of each one available. So how do you choose? 

Begin by selecting a style of home that you are drawn to most. From there you can determine what your must-haves are. Consider your long-term goal within your home. How long do you expect to reside in this home? If you are planning to sell your home in the future, maybe consider factors such as what is popular in demand. 

Take a peek at the styles we offer: 

  • Rambler
  • Split Entry
  • Split Level
  • Two Story
  • Chalet
  • Tiny Homes


A chalet design is inspired by the European housing style which often featured simplistic designs, sloping roofs, and uncomplicated construction. Chalets are often found near ski resorts and vacation homes as they embrace nature with their large windows and natural light, leaving nature as the centerpiece of their beautiful design. Whether you are looking to build a second home or primary living space, we can develop the best design to match your perfect home. 


Rambler-style homes have become an icon of American living, as it was developed in the 1930s as the post-war American dream. Rambler-style homes are commonly one-level, long profile, open floor plans with short-pitched roofs. The Rambler style was one of the first homes to incorporate an attached garage. We offer 10 variations of rambler homes so you can view and choose which style will best match your dream home. 

Split Entry

This style of home typically features 2 short sets of stairs, with the entryway existing “between” the two floors. A split entry has a different look than a raised ranch from the outside as the front entry door lines up to the front windows differently. This housing style features an attached garage, perfect for the hardy midwestern winters. 

Split Level

A split-level home, also known as a tri-level home, features staggered floor levels. The main level, which usually consists of the entryway, is partway between the upper and lower floors. Common areas such as the dining and living room are typically found on the main level of split homes. Basement levels  commonly feature a garage and are level with the driveway. This home style is ideal for large families looking for multiple areas to gather. 

Tiny Homes

Tiny homes allow you to embrace nature and a simplistic lifestyle. This solution allows homeowners to build a gorgeous one-of-a-kind home at a significantly lowered cost. Joining the micro-living movement and beginning a fuller life in an exceptional tiny home is as easy as 1,2,3.

Two Story

This style of home is ideal for being able to separate entertaining spaces from the bedroom areas. This solution offers the best and most flexible arrangement for both privacy and play. This home style is most suitable for families who are looking for a cozy, down-to-earth atmosphere with spacious kitchens and living spaces. 

Whichever home style suits your lifestyle and family best, our team at Dynamic Homes is here to help you develop the best plan to meet your needs and develop the home of your dreams. We will help you every step of the way toward creating your perfect property