Frequently Asked Questions About Our Modular Homes

Where do I purchase your homes? Can I get a quote from the company?

Our homes are sold through independent builders and retailers. We cannot provide price quotes directly to prospective homeowners. To locate the retailer or builder nearest you, please go to the “Find a Dealer” section. 

What is a modular or state-code compliant home?

Modular is simply a construction process, not a type of house. We use the same grades (and often better) of lumber and construction components as someone building locally stick-by-stick. We just do it inside, using sophisticated tools and equipment, and then put the ‘modules’ together at your location. 

Modular homes are constructed to the same code as site-built homes with requirements set forth by state and local government for the specific locality. Various model building codes serve as the basis for most state code requirements. Examples include the International Residential Code (IRC), Uniform Building Code (UBC) and the National Electrical Code (NEC). Homes built to local requirements can be financed through conventional mortgage institutions. 

Modular is simply a construction process, not a type of house.

What is the difference between a modular home, manufactured home, and a mobile home?

The term ‘mobile home’ refers to factory homes built prior to 1976. Manufactured or “HUD” homes are homes built after the 1976 federal standard was created. Modular homes are built to the same stringent codes as conventional stick-built homes.

Is a modular home better than a conventionally built home?

We think so! Most estimates suggest between 20-40% more lumber and fasteners are used in factory-built homes compared to similar site-built homes. All our homes are inspected by our own highly-trained quality control personnel, and by independent third-party agencies.

How can I finance my home?

Your retailer or builder should be able to provide financing resources.

How long will it take to build my home?

Typically much faster than traditional site builders. The homeowner and your retailer or builder still need to arrange for site preparation, the home needs to be transported and put together (“set”), and any remaining mechanicals completed.

Can I customize your homes?

Most of our modular homes can be customized. Or bring in a plan of your own and we can review and modify as needed for modular construction. Your retailer or builder will work with you and with us to determine what we can do to customize your home.

Can I add or upgrade options?

Absolutely! All of our homes come with a range of options or upgrades.

Can your homes be placed on a basement?

Yes, most of our homes can be built on a basement or at a minimum of a crawlspace. Our homes cannot be placed on slab. Please contact a retailer or builder for specifics.

Can your homes be built so garages and decks can be added?

Yes. If you already know you will be adding a garage or deck, your retailer or builder will help make sure the home is built to accommodate the garage or deck and be reflected on your final plans.

What is the price of your homes? How much do they cost?

The price of your home will be based on many factors. Please contact your local retailer or builder. We do offer multiple series of homes to fit most price ranges – whether you are buying your first home, looking to move into a bigger house, or searching for a smaller home after the family has left.

What states do we serve?

We serve Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Nebraska

I'm a builder. How can I become a dealer/builder from Dynamic Homes?

Modular homes offer substantial value to builders and developers. Simply put, our homes are built ‘inside’ rather than ‘outside.’ We follow the same building codes and use the same graded lumber. Issues such as weather delays, theft and vandalism, wet lumber, and multiple subcontractors are eliminated or reduced. Homes can be built to your schedule, allowing builders to better manage their cash flow. Home prices are locked at the time of order completion. The benefits continue – please call our office at (218) 846-3105 and speak with Terry VanWatermulen, Director of Sales and Marketing.

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