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Tribal Housing


Dynamic Homes has successfully built housing projects for Indian Tribes over the last 30 years throughout the upper Midwest.

Dynamic Homes provides high quality, customized single-family homes, multi-family apartments and duplexes.  You have unlimited possibilities in choosing a standard design or designing completely from scratch.  We also have stock inventory homes available for even faster turnaround.  And every housing project can be tailored to meet your budget without sacrificing quality and value.

Commercial Construction - Tribal Housing

“After 10 years our Dynamic Homes apartment buildings are holding up well with minimal maintenance. We’d recommend them to tribal communities for cost-effective, quality housing.”

-- Norman W. Deschampe,
Grand Portage Tribal Chairman

Dynamic Homes Advantage:

Produce the units off-site in a climate controlled environment

Delivery and set-up at
site when you’re ready

Allows other site-built facilities to be completed after units
are placed

Speeds the whole
construction process
Highest energy-efficiency
rating under Minnesota Power’s Triple E Program
Conforms to IBC code standards and includes 3rd party State of Minnesota inspections
Ensures consistent quality
output in each unit
Allows your own workers to “button up” the units on site
Dynamic Homes Price Guarantee

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